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Easy to Start

Having your own website SHOULD NOT be complicated! That is what we are about-- keeping complexity simple for your products and services.

No Magic

No Magic, No Smoke and Mirrors, we believe in the "Honesty is the Best Policy" approach. No surprises, with the exception of our low costs!

Simple Power

You have heard it before, Knowledge is Power. Having the knowledge of keeping your website simple, elegant and easy to navigate is critical.

Mobile Ready

Is it really that important? Yes-- There are over 6.8 Billion SmartPhone users globally (2013) and the reality of "mobile" web surfing is here!

100% Responsive Design

MaineWWW provides responsive and flexible web design. That means our layouts work perfectly on all devices, from large monitors to mobile phones, android, apple or windows. All elements enhanced for Retina displays, so they look clean and sharp on modern gadgets.

In the age of mobile devices, websites can not just look good on large LED screens but MUST look good and be navigable on small mobile devices. The days of having a seperate "partial" mobile website are gone! One site with a perfect view in all devices mobile, tablet, and desktop saves you time and money.

Elegant & Functional Websites

Elegant websites need to be functional; they must be user friendly and be found! We specialize in Search Engine Optimization by using Google AdWords programs. You have worked hard in your business and your product and services deserve nothing less then excellent representation. Elegance and function attract customers, the rest is up to you.

MaineWWW Website Design
Mobile Phone Ready Websites

Mobile Ready

With billions of people searching on mobile devices, your site has to be Mobile Ready. Having a responsive, complete (non-partial) site that scales and resizes images and text to be easily viewable and understandable is critical. At MaineWWW, we understand what the user end of a well layed out website means-- it means business-- it's what we do!

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Intenet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera, we test your website in all the most popular used browsers. We also test your site on Windows, Android and Apple operating systems (small and large devices). If there is something just not quite right-- Our pledge along with some of our partners is to make it right!


About Us

It was a clear and starry night many moons ago in a small Maine coastal town. The historic 9600 baud dial-up modems still existed-- remember that sound "chhhrrrr" connecting to the world wide web. We are a small Maine website design company that has been designing websites for over a decade. Back in the old days sites were made in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code without web authoring software and even the web authoring software was very rudimentary!
Having the experience of editing code with state of the art HTML5 / CSS3 web authoring and graphics software allows us to customize web design to our customers specific requests. Most of our sites have been done for small businesses, sole proprietorships, and individuals. Not sure where to start, that's OK, we can help! If you are looking for an elegant - functional - quality and Search Engine Optimized website at an affordable price, please call us..


Do I need my own domain to have a website?

NO, at MaineWWW we can provide you with a site name, i.e.; mainewww.com/yourname

Is it better if I have my own domain, i.e.; myname.com?

It depends what your own domain name is-- a search engine, i.e.; google MAY pick up your own domain better. There is an associated recurring fee with having your own domain.

Once my website is available on the internet can it be edited?

YES, we offer very low reasonable rates for editing your site. If it is our mistake, of course there is no charge.

Can I link my site to updated newsletters, brochures, manuals, etc?

YES, we encourage the use of links like PDF's or other widely used files.

How long does it take to complete a website?

Depending on the features and pages... for a simple 1 page site it can usually be on the internet within 48 hours.

Are there any hidden costs?

NO, we make a special effort to explain ALL costs associated with your design and any recurring charges.

Can my site be expedited to be put on the web immediately?


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